Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hello Sex and the City 2

So, I am obsessed with Sex and the City. I own every season on DVD along with the first movie. My husband is taking me to see SATC 2 tonight and I am more than excited. I love the characters and possibly even more than them I love the fashion and the interior design. I have seen little sneak peeks of Big and Carrie's apartment via the trailer and the internet and I cannot wait to see it on the big screen. The interiors were designed by Lydia Marks of Marks and Frantz in NY. This design group also did sets for Sex and the City (the original movie) and The Devil Wears Prada. Remember the wonderful office equipped with Dorothy Draper dressers? That was them. Here is what I've got so far from SATC 2.

What better place to start than the entryway. Here it is in all its glory. Wallpaper is Oiseau by Katie Ridder

Here is another view of the paper - I believe it is the same colorway, but looks darker due to lighting - I'm not 100% on this though.

Love this view of the entryway and wallpaper. The mirror and lamps are gorgeous and I'm pretty sure I need to find myself a pretty blue hat box like this one.

On to the dining room.

Love that chandelier and the fabric on those chairs is beautiful, it is Belgravia by Lee Jofa. The dining table is a Mid Century Rosewood.

Here is a smaller dining area (It has the tile you can see behind the larger dining room). I'm assuming this is part of their kitchen which I was unable to find any images of. The rug here is Starflower Blue by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for The Rug Company.

Now - the bedroom of Carrie and Big. There is the Halling's Secretary from Hickory Chair. I have been lusting over that piece of furniture for a year now. I adore it, and I love the contrast of the dark inside against the white outside.

Here it is from a different view. The wallpaper is Rococo Damask by Cole & Son

And what would a bedroom be without a bed.

Closeup of that headboard which is upholstered in Velvet Gate by Kravet in the tuxedo colorway. Pretty fabulous, yes?

Here you can see the side of the room opposite that secretary. The rug beneath the bed is Harem by Tamsin De Roemer for The Rug Company and the one in the sitting area is Peony by Helen Amy Murray also for (surprise surprise ) The Rug Company.

Here is the only image I could find of a bathroom. You can get a little glimpse of it through their closet as well. I've got the closet saved for a whole other post!

Here is their sitting area. Sadly the only source I can find for this space is the Stupa Silver rug by Suzanne Sharp for The Rug Company.

A different view of the sitting area that shows you a part of the living room and gives you an idea of the layout.

And last but certainly not least - the living room. Love the Navy sofa and I love the giant artwork above it.

I love that you can really see the gorgeous ruffles on that ottoman in this image and the one above. I also really enjoy that coffee table that is like a massive tray. It's great the way they set the books standing up as if on a bookshelf, complete with Fu Dogs. You can find a list of some of the books over here at Habitually Chic.

A view of the living room via The Rug Company website. The pillow is Birdie Blossom by Paul Smith for The Rug Company. The rug is Marni or The Rug Company

Hope you enjoyed the tour. I plan on being back later with a little SATC 2 fashion and the closet of all closets!


  1. tile, is anne sacks, it is thick, chunky and gorgeous and must be led lit.

  2. I love the ottoman and the entrance wallpaper. I felt like the apartment was really "them"--I think it especially reflected Big's kind of vintage-modern style.

    The room I adored was Charlotte's kitchen. I totally want a white kitchen in our new house!

  3. I really like it all except the kitchen...oh well! I am sure the movie is Great. I can't wait to see it. THanks for stopping by my blog!!

  4. Patricia - I immediately thought of Anne Sacks when I saw that tile and totally forgot to look it up - thanks!

    And I too love love love Charlotte's white kitchen. I actually really adore their whole home - probably as much as Big and Carrie's!

    Daisy - I totally agree, the kitchen was a little disappointing - probably why there are not many images of it.

  5. Thanks for all of the details! Her apartment is stunning and I wanted to find a source list after seeing the movie!

  6. Can you tell me where can I find the kitchen chairs???

    Thanks for all the help

  7. Fantasic coverage.. the best blog on it! Would you know what the living room wallpaper is??