Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hello Heartbreak

For quite some time now I have been scouring home stores, craigslist, and ebay for this very specific pair of chrome lamps.

Here is a picture with the lamps.  I have seen them in various other photos but none I can find at the moment.


Finally last week I found an ebay listing for 1 lamp and at the time it was $26.  Thanks to the listing I was able to figure out all the info for the lamp.   It was made during the 1960's by Laurel.  I then did a search on ebay and found a pair for $825 (way out of my price range). I googled the lamp and found another pair on 1stdibs.  This pair was selling for a whopping $1800 (and since the $825 pair was out of my price range, clearly not even 1 out of this pair was an option).

I thus began my daily stalking of this 1 lamp for $26.  Fast forward to yesterday, the ending of the auction.  I open my ebay 10 minutes prior to the end of the auction and the price is at $41.  Still tolerable and still an amount I am willing to pay considering how long I looked for this lamp and how much it appears to be worth.  I don't bid until under the 2 minute mark.  Apparently the high bidder has a very high max bid in and I start getting very anxious and continue to bid well past what I had told myself and my husband would be my highest bid.  Still, I lost. Bidding ended at $122.50 (only because time ran out and I couldn't get a new high bid in).  

Ebay situations like this break my heart for 2 reasons:
1. I did not get the lamp. I really, really, really wanted it.
2. I lost. I hate losing.  I can honestly say I am one of the worlds worst losers.  Ask anyone I know. They will agree. 

Enter heartbreak. I lost, and I have no new pretty chrome lamp.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

THE List

I figured I should probably make one nice long list of the things we need to get done in our home.  I'm hoping I'll actually be able to start crossing things off someday.

1. Finish deciding on color/design of living room
2. Find buffet/cabinets for living room
3. Find coffee table and ottoman for living room
4. Find console/pieces for entry
5. Find new dining table (will post more on this depressing story later)
6. Outdoor furniture for deck
7. Find someone to refinish deck
8. Pick out and actually purchase curtains for living/dining room
9. rug for living room
10. paint desk for office/get new cabinet doors for ikea console
11. Find daybed/sleeper sofa for office/guest bedroom
12. shelving for office
13. Redo downstairs bathroom (expand/add shower)
14. Redo upstairs bathroom (get rid of shower/add claw foot tub from downstairs)
15. Elfa in our master closet once we have the new shape
16. new comforter/accent pieces for bedroom
17. new washer/dryer/figure out what to do with our laundry room
18. new closet doors. shave down bedroom door
19. Redo refrigerator side of kitchen. new cabinets/new refrigerator/built in seating/island
20. New floors upstairs.

This is a very daunting and scary list. Yikes.