Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hello Heartbreak

For quite some time now I have been scouring home stores, craigslist, and ebay for this very specific pair of chrome lamps.

Here is a picture with the lamps.  I have seen them in various other photos but none I can find at the moment.


Finally last week I found an ebay listing for 1 lamp and at the time it was $26.  Thanks to the listing I was able to figure out all the info for the lamp.   It was made during the 1960's by Laurel.  I then did a search on ebay and found a pair for $825 (way out of my price range). I googled the lamp and found another pair on 1stdibs.  This pair was selling for a whopping $1800 (and since the $825 pair was out of my price range, clearly not even 1 out of this pair was an option).

I thus began my daily stalking of this 1 lamp for $26.  Fast forward to yesterday, the ending of the auction.  I open my ebay 10 minutes prior to the end of the auction and the price is at $41.  Still tolerable and still an amount I am willing to pay considering how long I looked for this lamp and how much it appears to be worth.  I don't bid until under the 2 minute mark.  Apparently the high bidder has a very high max bid in and I start getting very anxious and continue to bid well past what I had told myself and my husband would be my highest bid.  Still, I lost. Bidding ended at $122.50 (only because time ran out and I couldn't get a new high bid in).  

Ebay situations like this break my heart for 2 reasons:
1. I did not get the lamp. I really, really, really wanted it.
2. I lost. I hate losing.  I can honestly say I am one of the worlds worst losers.  Ask anyone I know. They will agree. 

Enter heartbreak. I lost, and I have no new pretty chrome lamp.

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  1. This is similar and affordable. It gives you the look without the price. Funny, it's not in the stores but I swear I saw it there today.