Monday, May 10, 2010

Hello Kitchen of My Dreams

I found this kitchen from Urban Grace Interiors via their new facebook page. If you are a facebook member you should probably go 'like' them! I think it's absolutely perfect. I love the turquoise cabinets, the tile, the pendant lights. I love the way it opens up to the other room without just being the typical island or counter space - I like the way the cabinets, moulding, and windows form a frame to the next space. On another note, I'm sorry there hasn't been much posting this past week - I've been super busy, and I will be the next few days as well. So please enjoy this kitchen while I'm gone.


  1. Love this kitchen! Should've used that second image on my lantern post today :)


  2. so pretty! love the marble. if my kitchen looked like that i might even take up cooking.

  3. she does such great work--love this.