Monday, June 14, 2010

Hello Nate Berkus Day

I didn't know this was a thing. Until today (Nate Berkus Day). Thanks to Mrs. Limestone for pointing it out!

So Nate gets a third post on my blog. If you missed them here is No. 1 and here is No. 2.

This bathroom is just gorgeous. It needs no explanation.

Love the dark walls and floor.

Yellow and gray done in a really beautifully subtle way.

This dining room is one of my absolute favorites. Those chairs are absolutely amazing.

Alright so this is Nates home. And judging from some of the items in this room, I'm thinking if I sit outside of Jayson Home and Garden long enough, Nate is bound to show up - yes?!

Alright Nate, if you're out there reading this - I wouldn't mind at all if you showed up at my door like this:

And if you came with one of these that would be great. I literally bought the last one off HSN and now my living room is very asymmetrical - I'm not a fan, help bring back the symmetry - please?

Then maybe we can do a little of this. I swear my husband won't mind one bit.

By the way. I'm sorry I left you all hanging last week. I did in fact attend the Nate Berkus show test taping. I didn't get to meet him or touch him or anything. I'm not sure if my outfit wasn't bright enough or if I didn't jump high enough (I'm only 5'2"). But I still had an amazing time. He was very gracious and sweet at the taping. And although it was a long day my mom, my sister, and I stayed until the very end hoping maybe just maybe we could meet him - sadly no. Also, they steal your whole life at the front door (camera and cell phone included so no close ups of Nate - sorry ladies). He had Bethany from Real Housewives of New York as a guest. She said balls (yes as in men's balls) during the taping it was pretty awesome and no the discussion they were having did not call for this at all. All in all it was a lovely day - looks like Nates show will cover lots of topics (not just design) and I cannot wait until it starts and I can get my daily dose of him. It was really interesting and eye opening to see all the work that goes into just 1-one hour taping. So be on the lookout for him this fall!

A big thanks to the ladies who started this all. The girls over at Moggit.


  1. how fun you got to go to a taping! hoping to myself one day.


  2. so jealous you got to see a taping. hopefully the producers will pull my name out of the hat. I feel lucky!

  3. Ack, jealous you got to go to a taping!!

    And that last image of the living room with the striped rug is one of my all-time favorites.

  4. OMG how much fun that you got to do that...and that Bethenny she has a mouth on her. Love the rooms you posted!

  5. Great post! How exciting that you got to go to the taping. And, I am 100% not surprised that Bethanney said balls. That seems to be her favorite word in any context.

  6. he needs to knock on my door.

    lovely post. loving your blog!

  7. that was hilarious when she talked about the whole "ballsfeeding" totally forgot about it until now! See you on Thursday, hopefully! I don't even know what you look like so you'll have to scope me out,ok?
    i love his home in the last photo!

  8. Thanks SO much for joining in on our NateDay, it was so fun! But unlike me who just tweeting about having a NateDay you truly have your own Nate Day! I love it and now you have just made me even more excited for the show! Thanks for sharing!

  9. ahhh that bathroom in the first pic is beyond gorgeous!

    just stumbled upon your blog and i have to say i LOVE it. do come drop by mine too and maybe we can follow each other. =)

    have a lovely day!


  10. Ah! So jealous you got to go to a taping!!!! What fun. I love Bethanny I'm certain it was a lot of fun!!

  11. Oh how fun that you went to a taping! That's great! I hope they honor the 'blogger's day' and invite us all! ;)


  12. Oh I am ALL about Nate. Love him. Can't wait to see his new show. Eye candy at its finest.

  13. Nate certainly has style. Have a super weekend.

  14. You could do 100 posts on Nate and I would still read each and every one with great fervor! Lucky you... too bad you didn't get to touch him! Maybe next time!