Friday, June 25, 2010

Hello Sofa

I'll warn you this is a long post - but it's mostly just pretty images so hopefully that is reason enough to get through it. A friend of mine just bought her first home (congrats to her!). It's a condo in Chicago and she has asked for help with decorating her living room. Her first big purchase - besides the home itself of course, is going to be a sofa for her living room. She has picked out two really great choices but she is completely torn. She's stuck on the infamous sectional versus traditional sofa debate.

Her room has enough space for either but it's not a huge space - she will probably add two side chairs and an ottoman/coffee table - so the sofa will definitely be the largest piece and take up the majority of the area. The first image here is the traditional sofa. It's from Walter E. Smithe and it is by Hickory Chair. It is a dark gray with a little bit of navy to it. The second image is the sectional from Jayson Home and Garden, it's much more of a neutral color and it's by Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams. So here they are.

Gray Sofa

Neutral Sectional

I thought I would also post some inspiration images of both to maybe help her decide - here are the best gray sofa images I could find.

Next up, neutral sectional inspiration.

Now I'm actually going to throw in a third option here and it is this gray sectional. This sectional is also by Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams available through Jayson Home and Garden (FYI they are having a sale with lots of stuff up to 50% off - including these sectionals - so check it out).

So maybe you all could chime in here. What are your thoughts on sectional versus traditional sofa? Any preference to gray or neutral? Any comments will be greatly appreciated!


  1. the great thing about sectional is that you can move it around and change the look of the room any time!

  2. Sectional: comfortable, conducive to love, humble.

    There's some really great art in these staged rooms.... Thanks for curating a lovely selection of spaces to look at :)

    xo, WHP.

  3. Thanks for now making me need a new gray sofa.
    I love the gray!!!!

  4. Thank you!! These are very inspirational images. And now I might be leaning more toward the gray! :) Ah! What to do.... what to do....

  5. What a collection of images! I love the gray ones. The first is such a classic shape. I guess it would depend on the dimensions of her room. Sorry not to have met you at the Eddie Ross event last week. We probably walked right past each other.

  6. I like sectionals for their versatility and I can't decide between the nuetral and gray! Hope you have a terrific week!

  7. they are both really really great sofas. i LOVE the rolled arm one, they're a recent addiction of mine, but the sectional is pretty fab too. since they are both great pieces maybe you're friend should consider other things in making her decision? does she entertain a lot? sectional definitely provides more seating. is her style more traditional or modern...or a mixture of both? with the sofa she can still add a modern chair or two. with the sectional, depending on the space - adding additional seating in the forms of two chairs might be too much. what kind of look is she going for?....

    as for the colour, again - she can't go wrong either way. they're both neutral and are pretty great looking. BUT, i do love's the new beige i think. has a bit more personality.

    tough decision for sure

    (oh, and i definitely prefer the first sectional to the second...a bit more streamlined...the the second would be nice in a more casual space or a den i think..just my opinion!)

  8. I went to sofa heaven! I say gray & this comes from a gal that initially thought beige sectional. Gray hands down. Second thought was sectional vs. not..I would quiz owner on how she wants to live in that space. You likely already know that however?!

    Loved all your images. Have a great week!

  9. Gold Williams is having a sale, just got a postcard this weekend. Maybe that will help!

  10. I'm undecided on sofa vs sectional but I definitely vote for gray!

  11. i would have to say sectional if the room is going to be used as a family room. don't they want to be comfy? the trad sofa is very pretty though...i love all of these images too!

  12. hard to pick, but grey sofa it is for me!!

  13. i love that you showed so many inspirational images. i love both sofas, but i think a sectional is better for entertaining, especially if they like to have lots of guest. i love the grey personally, and even thought it's not an option here (sorry!), i would go with a grey (slate) sectional.

  14. Beautiful sectional. I saw the same one at a furniture broker that wanted me to pay $150 more for the SAME couch with high pressure sales tactics. PLUS TAX. PLUS DELIVERY and SET UP. Hello, whats the point of a Broker? I immediately searched for it on Amazon when I got home and was pleased to find it was offered on PRIME.

    Takes a little bit of breaking into to get it comfy but you seriously cannot beat this kind of value. I was very impressed by the customer service I received from both the freight company and Amazon as they seamlessly coordinated to deliver the sectional to me at a time and day that would be convenient to ME. It was scheduled to arrive the day before Christmas and I would not be home until the 28th. NO PROBLEM they told me!! They called to confirm delivery for the 28th and called AGAIN 2hrs before drop off. Thats great service.

    My husband was able to put it together by himself in about thee hours. I love walking into my apartment and seeing it decorated with my colorful throw pillows (I didn't use the ones it came with, as they do not match my theme). It really dresses up the place. I also like knowing that it is reversible and I'm not "Stuck" with a left or right side sectional. Can also be used as a makeshift bed for overnight guests in a pinch by putting both the chaise and couch side by side. Overall I highly recommend this product.

  15. have had this sectional set for 10 months now. Microfiber usually a sort of magical quality to it, because spillage is supposed to roll off of it without a trace. On this couch, however, there are trace areas of small spillage in various areas (I have small children). From day one, it never looked like quality furniture. That said, it's holding up very well for mediocre-looking furniture. One day a few months ago, one of my kids had a temper tantrum and pulled the seat cushion off and punched the fabric underneath. Much to our surprise, his fist went right through it as though it were paper. It was a good learning moment: temper tantrums can be destructive. Since then, we've had a piece of cardboard covering the hole, to protect the structural integrity of the seat. You can't see it but it feels pretty ghetto. It's cheap small sofa furniture. But until my kids are a little older, I like it. This way, when they accidentally draw on it with marker or sit on it in wet swim trunks... I think, "It's just bobkona. We're going to throw it away in a couple of years anyway."