Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello London Bedroom

From the very first time we looked at our home I was set on the idea that I wanted built ins on both sides of the fireplace. I figured it would be great for storing extra pillows and throws, it could hide the ugly cable box, and the shelves would be great for our books and other miscellaneous decor items. But this morning I saw this image and it got me thinking, screw function - the wallpaper and gold ornate mirrors are so much prettier than any built ins I've ever seen. Who needs storage when you could be looking at this all day.

Image via Alkemie via here.


  1. Usually the wallpaper accent wall in a bedroom is seen behind the bed, but I love that they have chosen the wall with the fireplace instead (presumably the wall that faces the door). I love the wallpaper pattern and colours and the mirrors!

  2. those mirrors... and so much more. love it.


  3. i love this home...i saw it on alkemie as well and fell in love with each and every room in this house!

  4. spectacular! I am adding you my dear friend to my blog list, I am terribly sorry it has taken me this long, I ADORE reading your blog. xx

  5. Ohhh they do look spectacular! Perhaps you can find a pretty armoire to hold your odds and ends and have the best of both worlds. The wallpaper and mirrors are a definite YES!

    XX Katie

  6. i agree. i'm a sucker for an ornate mirror.