Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello Shower

All of our Shower hardware is now installed and I really love how it looks. Here is an image of the whole shower - I'm sorry about all the ugly stuff I forgot to move.

These are the Kohler Watertiles. I'm not a fan at all of how they look, I'm hoping I'll really enjoy how they work in the shower though. My husband insisted on these, so there they are.

Here is our handheld shower head.

This and the rain head are my absolute favorite parts of the whole bathroom aside from the tile. The hardware here is all Grohe. I love the vintage look of them. The thermostatic valve has temperatures in a pretty font on the white portion. I'll get a close up next time I take pictures in here.

And here is the motherload of all shower heads. It is from Hansgrohe and it is huge and shiny and oh so pretty! I never thought I could be so excited about a shower fixture. I love the way you can see it centered when you view the whole shower.

We kind of went all out in the shower with lots of fancy little features, it was definitely a splurge for us but it was something we really wanted and I think it makes this space so much more of a master suite. Neither of us have ever had anything like this in a home so we are very excited for it. It is also going to be a steam shower which is why the whole ceiling is tiled but that hasn't been completely installed yet. The one thing we didn't do in the shower was body sprays. We had initially planned on doing these but our contractor actually suggested against it. He said they tend to not get used very often (he never uses the ones in his own shower). So he managed to talk me out of those which is how we ended up with the hand held shower head and my husbands favorite watertiles.

I finally feel like it's starting to look like a bathroom! I wish I could use this shower now but we still have to wait for the seat and the edges to be installed and obviously the door. Hope you're loving our updates!


  1. I recently bought this fantastic eco shower head. It only uses 4.5 litres of water per minute in comparison to my old head that used around 20 litres. It really is saving us money since we moved to a water meter after the kids left. It's called a Nordic Eco Shower, really is worth getting one. Must pay for itself just from the savings.

  2. This shower is so dreamy! Who knew a shower could be dreamy!? You have done a fantastic job!

  3. What a fantastic shower! You're going to be so happy you went for it -- you'll get YEARS of enjoyment out of it.

  4. Wow, what an amazing shower! Mine is like a boy's boarding school shower block so I am very jealous looking at yours!!

  5. Beautiful!! I would love to have that shower!!

  6. so high tech with all the different shower head parts, amazing!

  7. Just happened across you blog for the very first time....just have to write a note to say "AMAZING SHOWER" I love your style, you must be so delighted with it!

    Best wishes from Ireland,

    Mrs C x

  8. OMG - This is like my dream shower!! Lucky!!