Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello Fauxidermy

I saw this image over at Blu Label Bungalow from her trip to Pieces, Inc. They have a few different options for fauxidermy on their site. And I really adore how they had this moose styled for the event.

I'm not big on taxidermy - but I'm loving the fauxidermy. My budget won't allow for me to buy one of these from Pieces and since it's something I doubt would be super long lived in my home I'm tempted to purchase one of these guys from Z Gallerie to put somewhere in our home and style him/her up like this guy. The Z Gallerie versions are smaller, and less expensive but also made out of resin and not hardwood like the Pieces versions. I know it's weird and off the wall and may be something that can really only be pulled off in a trendy place like Pieces, but I think it would add some fun to our home and make all this design business a little less serious.

Good idea/bad idea? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.


  1. For the right price (b/c you're right, it's def trendy), I think it's fun. I really like how that moose's expression has a bit of humor to it.

  2. i love the moose! but the prices!? ouch! I think they may have some less expensive ones on etsy??

  3. I love it -- such a fun idea. Its a nice punch of humor into the decor!

  4. Its cute, but it will probably be "out" soon. xx