Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello Craverie in Kohler

There are quite a few delicious restaurants that we ate at in Kohler. My favorite, however, was this little place where we stopped in for breakfast one morning and lunch another day. The food was simple and the coffee drinks and chocolate were delicious. But I think the real reason I wanted to return for a second visit was the interior. Have a look and maybe you'll understand.

Here is the entrance - check out those herringbone floors and all that chocolate!

A little seating area in the back. The mirors and marble tables are such a nice touch against the dark wood paneling.

A view of a separate seating area. I really think those little marble tables would be a great option for a small eat in kitchen.

This was my favorite place to sit and drink my latte.

Close up of the chandelier and the industrial looking ceiling. Loved the mixing of styles here.

I, of course, couldn't miss an opportunity for more bathroom photos. Here's the marble sink.

More herringbone pattern - this time in marble instead of wood.

Another great mirror and chandelier.

Here is the view from the back deck of this little place - you can see some of the colors in the trees. There were also some really great looking homes back there.

Images via myself and here


  1. why can't i have those tiles in my bathroom instead of the throw up tiles?

  2. this place is so great! very unique and i love the mixture of vintage, cottage and industrial elements.

  3. Hey - I was hoping you could help. I found a picture on decorpad of a beautiful bathroom and they credited your site. Do you have any information about where you found it/products featured?

    You can reach me at Thanks soooo much! Holly