Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello Suzanna Bierwirth

A while back I came across a Chicago home in Blueprint Magazine that I adored. I was looking over it again this weekend and noticed that the exterior of the home looked very familiar to me (as in, in my neighborhood and I'm pretty sure I walk by it weekly). So I googled what I thought could be the street name and alas I was right. Not only did I find the home but I also found that it is currently on the market!

The reason I recognized the home is that it is next door to one of my favorite homes to walk by. Can you guess why?
On the left is the exterior of the featured home and to the right - check out that turquoise door! That door is the whole reason I recognized this house. I love that door.

The home is that of Suzanna Bierwirth of Binth. I think it is interesting to see the changes in the home/decor from what it looked like for the magazine shoot to what it looks like now in its listing photos. Here are the images from Martha Stewart.

This blue settee pictured here which I adore is missing in the listing photos.

Love this image of the fireplace/mantel.

Here is a living space that Suzanna used as a dining room which is how she thought she would get the most out of her limited space.

Close up of the steel shelving in the kitchen - love that pig and I love those salt/pepper shakers!

Here is her entranceway. I'm really liking the black stairs.

Coat Rack - so stylish.

Master Bedroom - a black wall, long before the black wall craze everyone is in now.

Amazing vintage style bathroom - check out the chandelier!

Her sons bedroom - look at his little eames desk chair! The artwork is from Binth.

This space is in their basement. It's great that it appears to be a walk out and they get a ton of light.

Here are some of the images from the online listing.
First thing I noticed is that their dining room has been turned back into a living room. I'm sure when selling a home more people are looking for a space like this than a large dining room - although I loved the idea of a large dining room and just a little settee versus having a large living room seeing as when you have people over they tend to gather around eating areas. I would have to squeeze my tv in somewhere though if I was going to live that way!

Here is the dining area where that lovely blue settee used to live - the lucite chairs have been switched out for something much more traditional.

The mirrored buffet has also been switched out for a more traditional piece in the entryway. Here you can get a better look at that staircase!

The next few spaces here make me a little sad (the master bedroom and the master bath). Both are much more neutral now without their pops of hot pink!

Love these wardrobes that we never got to see in the magazine!

Here is a larger look at her sons bedroom sans little blue eames chair.

Here is a larger view of the basement.

A second bath.

This is the homes outdoor space - something absolutely cherished by city dwellers!

Now if only I could come up with 3/4 of a million dollars this baby would be all mine!

Images via Martha and chicagotopcondos


  1. It's a great apartment -- and I loved it when it was featured in Blueprint. Of course the realtor has sanitized it a bit for resale, which is kind of sad, but not surprising.

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous home! I'm absolutely loving that blue settee with the cute pup sitting on it :)

  3. Other than the bedroom lighting, this is what heaven would look like if it were an apartment. Weiner dog fetish and all.

  4. it's amazing to see what a few different furniture pieces can do with a space. i love that basement!

  5. Thank you for posting this!! I loved this home when I first saw it but could not remember where it was featured. LOVE.

  6. I love her kitchen and those pops of pink! Have a wonderful wknd. xx

  7. Love that blue chair and the black walls.

  8. What an AMAZING home, and a very cool coincidence! xx

  9. Love the settee. I found one similar one CL a while ago and can't wait to have it redone. I really wish I could do it myself but I really don't like to sew. Our old house has been needing some tlc lately and not the fun kind and its been taking all my settee money!

  10. Yes, it is sad to see it a bit sanitized in the listing, however... I can tell you (as a magazine photo director) that blueprint probably brought in a lot of the stuff that "popped" in the original shoot. Like the hot pink towels & the eames chair...perhaps even the weiner dog! We do bring key pieces into shoots to make a home pop, much the same as models are photoshopped in covers... But I did use many of the shots in this blueprint shoot as inspiration when I renovated. It was lovely decor AND styling. RIP Blueprint!