Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hello Ann Sacks

So you can all truly understand just how far behind I am on posting content - my husband and I went to Kohler, Wisconsin for our 1 year wedding anniversary in October (yes as in 9 months ago, October) - I am just now uploading these photos from our visit. Awful, I know, but I'm glad to finally be getting around to it.

For starters I must say Kohler was absolutely lovely. Because we went in October all of the trees were changing colors and it was beautiful. We stayed at the Inn on Woodlake the first night there and The American Club the second night. Inn on Woodlake is new and therefore much more updated but The American Club is historic and very charming - plus the turn down service there was pretty sweet! The American Club is right next to the Kohler Water Spa where we spent a day getting a couples massage and relaxing around their numerous pools/hot tubs/steam rooms, etc. We will definitely be heading back there at some point in our lives - it was an expensive weekend so we'll be saving it for another special occasion. Outside of the great hotels, restaurants and spas there is also some amazing shopping. My favorite was the Ann Sacks store. It was like tile heaven.

An entire wall of mosaics.

It's absolutely insane to see these up close and to realize how many little tiny tiles go into making this.

Loved this pattern.

Some close ups from the wall of tile.

The store also had hardware, lighting, mirrors, and sinks. This was a great trip for us to take prior to starting our bathroom remodel - we found inspiration everywhere.

This claw foot tub long with the amazing hardware and tile had me absolutely swooning.

This faucet was gorgeous.

Close up of the floor tile.

We actually used a mosaic very similar to this in our bathroom as a border around the basketweave pattern.

The matching sink area.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did - this is really only a small fraction of what they had in this store - it was serious eye candy.

In the next few days I'll be posting more photos from this trip - including the Kohler design center. It's funny to finally be posting these photos from a trip we took to get ideas for our bathroom remodel now that we are finally nearing the end of our bathroom remodel. Speaking of - I will also have some updated pictures for you soon - our marble was installed today and it looks amazing - I can't wait to share it!


  1. that looks like a great place!

  2. Serious eye candy is right! I love that tub and how the tile looks like an area rug underneath it!!

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