Friday, July 2, 2010

Hello Hardware

We're really coming close to the end of our bathroom project! I'll be posting pictures of our vanity and cabinets soon (soon as in whenever I can find 5 minutes of free time to take pictures and upload them - life is hectic). I have some gift certificates from Restoration Hardware that I used to purchase the knobs for our vanity/cabinets. I'm torn between these two.

Traditional Glass Knob

Vintage Glass Knob

I love the simplicity of the vintage knob but I love how the traditional knob has that little bit of glamour. The traditional knob only comes in nickel (the rest of our bathrooms hardware is in chrome). The vintage comes in chrome. I can't decide if this matters to me or not.
I bought both of them thinking having them in the bathroom at the same time would help me decide but no dice. For starters the woman working there gave me 11 brass traditional knobs and I can't seem to get past the brass color when I'm looking at the two side by side. Second, having them here doesn't seem to make any difference in deciding which one I prefer.

So let's have a little vote - vintage or traditional? Please?! My bare vanity is begging you!


  1. i'm on team traditional! i like the extra touch of glam

  2. I'm on the traditional team! I agree with you and Alison ... it has that little extra touch - that makes that more special...HHL

  3. I love the traditional one too. But I see where your going with the other one, like that too.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. friend has them and they are gorgeous! classic.

  5. Both are nice but I'd go with #1. Happy weekend!

  6. Hmmm, I think I like the traditional best. Hope you have a very happy 4th! xx

  7. I have the vintage knobs in my bathroom (but in the frosted glass/oil-rubbed bronze combo) and I love them so I'm kind of biased here. I'd suggest going with the larger size of it though as the small one is pretty petite.