Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hello Staircase

A while back I posted a little tour of our home which included our stairway. It was carpeted when we moved in but all the carpet had to be removed due to my husbands allergy to cats and the fact that the last owner had two cats, plus it was just gross, old carpeting. Well, these stairs looked like this for over a year and a half! We either wore our shoes to go downstairs (where our master is located) or we took the risk and usually ended up snagging our socks. Well we finally got them redone and I could not be happier with how they came out.



The risers and the base still needs to repainted but I really love the way they look now. We hired someone for this project because the stairs that were there were in really bad shape and actually needed to be replaced and not just stained/sealed. I didn't think it was a great idea for us to build a staircase - I was picturing one of us going right through a tread one day if we made this a diy project.

The guy we hired did his best to match our flooring on the lower level which is engineered hardwood - its a very close match and I don't think anyone but else will really ever notice it's not the same, I think this picture exaggerates the difference a little bit because of the angle I took it at. When we have saved up enough to do the upstairs floors they will be stained to match the stairway.

A look from the top.

It feels great to be able to scratch one more project off of our list.