Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hello Sleep

I had planned on arriving home last night and getting a post ready for this morning full of pictures and stories about my New York trip. But that 48 hour whirlwind has left me completely drained and all I managed to do was catch the Gossip Girl episode I missed and pass out.

I figured I should at least leave you all with something pretty to look at.

Photography by Ashlee Raubach

This gorgeous fireplace is by Caitlin Wilson Designs. And if you don't already know, she has a pretty amazing blog found here. All of her work is clean lined and fresh - and she is an absolute master with throw pillows and fabrics.

Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a full post on The Nate Show, the blogger event which I attended afterwards, as well as my other random New York outings.


  1. Such fun to meet you at the Nate show! You have a wonderful blog and of course I always love meeting people from my favorite city, Chicago!! Adding your blog to my blog roll so I can stay in better touch! Janell

  2. Oh, I was completly drained! What a long day it was! It was so nice to meet you in person, we should totally do this more often!

  3. It was great meeting you at the Nate Show! Love your blog too!!!


  4. Just stumbled on your blog, it's great. Glad that you were able to attend the Nate show, so fantastic!

  5. Love her work...especially this fireplace!!

    ...I am just finding your blog too...I think :D Sometimes I forget. Anyway, love it and can't wait to explore more!

  6. Babe! It was so great to meet you at the Nate Show! I am a tired wreck, too, and I gotta get a post up.... I look forward to catching up with you!


  7. thank you so much for the feature! great blog:)