Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello New York

Whew - the past few days have been so many things - exciting, exhausting, and fast! Now that I've given you my Nate Show recap I figure I'll give you a little view of my overall New York trip. I've only been to New York one other time and it was for a very quick, short weekend. I flew out from Chicago to New York Monday and returned Wednesday evening. I brought along one of my best friends and we were lucky enough to be able to stay with another great friend which gave us the opportunity to catch up and for her to play tour guide.

Myself, and Atalie (who allowed us to spend two nights at her place).

Jenny and I - Jenny is the friend I mentioned that joined me from Chicago for the trip.

Below are the great views from Atalie's buildings rooftop.

On Monday night we headed out to the meat packing district. We had a really good, family style dinner at Spice Market and then Atalie took us on a tour of different neighborhood bars. This one was a little speak easy, the outside door is unmarked. This drink we shared was delish - vodka with cucumber and mint.

Atalie's favorite part about this place - ice cubes the size of your glass!

Tuesday morning Jenny and I took a walk through Central Park and made a stop at Dylan's Candy Bar - I have a huge sweet tooth and Jelly Belly's are one of my absolute favorites - sour flavors to be exact.

We then headed on to our next sweet stop - Serendipity. There is actually a movie with this title starring John Cusack, it's a corny love story but I really adore it. We ate in the upstairs section and here is a view of the ceiling and the chandelier.

Serendipity is famous for their frozen hot chocolate and I must say it was absolutely delicious. It really does taste just like frozen hot chocolate!

On Tuesday night Atalie took us to her favorite pizza place located in Brooklyn - Grimaldi's.

The pizza was extremely good - super thin crust, and very fresh ingredients. Between the three of us we almost finished off 2 large pizzas and Atalie, who was flying to Chicago the next day for work, picked one up to bring to her mother.

Before we ate we took a small walking tour through Brooklyn to see some of the amazing houses and also check out the view over the river.

Wednesday morning prior to our flight home Jenny and I spent a few hours walking around touring more of the financial district, including Ground Zero and then we headed on through Tribeca before calling it a day.


  1. Oh I missed a lot of these places! Well, I guess that means I have to go back! Again, it was great meeting you! You are such a sweet person! I hope that we all can get together again!

  2. IT was so nice to meet you!!!!! I so knew you're blog when you told me which blog you were with. And btw... i think you would look darling in a sequined skirt ;-) Kicking myself that I didn't go to Serindipity. Oh well...another time!
    xo trina

  3. Sounds like a perfectly amazing (and yummy!) little trip! What a gorgeous view your friend has from her building.