Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello Nate Berkus Show

I am so excited to say that I received my confirmation email yesterday from the Nate Berkus Show and will be attending the Blogger Day next Tuesday.

I'm really hoping to meet some of you fabulous bloggers and make the most out of this spur of the moment, two day, New York trip.

I am so looking forward to Tuesday - Thank You NateBerkus & Staff!


  1. How exciting, I will be there, hope to meet you! Janell

  2. Oh enjoy! It's killing me that it's too far away for me :) xx

  3. You're going to have so much fun!!


  4. I'm so jealous... I have no idea that you were going!

  5. It was SO great to meet you yesterday!! You are such an absolute doll in person. We need to have these sort of blogger events more often. It was so much fun to have so many fabulous women together in one place. Maybe Chicago next time? ; )