Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello Homegoods

Hello, my name is Beth, and I am addicted to Homegoods. Really though, it's sick. If I could, I would go there everyday, and not just to my one local homegoods but to everyone within an hour drive. I'll admit there are days when I go in and I am slightly disappointed by their selection, and days where I go in and maybe only find 1 or 2 little items I really enjoy. But then there are days I walk in and it's like I've hit the motherload, and those days my friends, make up for all the others.

Let's start with lighting. They have an absurd amount of amazing lamps and all at really great prices, here is what was in stock on one random visit.
Love the shape of all of these, and I adore the shades on the two outer lamps.

Blue Lamp anyone?

I took this baby home with me. It will go in our guest room/office space one day when we actually get around to finishing it. By then though my mind will probably have some new plan in mind, and I'll need to head back to homegoods for a new
lamp to match my new idea (see, like I said - sick).

Here is a Homegoods lamp I purchased some time ago along with some Homegoods vases.

These guys were amazing. I literally stood there gawking for a few minutes. Foo dogs - complete with lucite bases! Are you kidding me?! Problem being they were $20 and I already have two foo dogs and I just couldn't justify the purchase (and when I say justify I mean to my husband, because I could clearly see why these little pups would be worth $20).

A closeup - can you see that lucite base a little better now?!

And now the furniture.
Oh beautiful settee complete with a wingback and nail head trim. I love you so. I have no place to put you so I had to leave you behind, but believe me, I love you.

A great dining chair, or desk chair, or anywhere chair - once again complete with a little nail head trim.

I obsessed over this gal. She was $800 and I didn't need it (although I kept trying to tell myself I did). I think this would have made a great sideboard, sadly it really didn't fit into our budget of zero dollars.
It looked a lot like this guy from Anthropologie, only about half the price. It actually hurts my heart a little every time I think about how I just left it there. So we'll move on.

This is another piece I obsessed over. And when I say obsessed, I mean I went back to this particular Homegoods store on 4 different occasions just to stare at this beauty. Once again not in the budget, left it deserted in the store. Someone did come and take her home, however, and ended my string of torturous trips to Homegoods.

Now these next few images are from one very successful trip to Homegoods.

I got a few great design books at a major discount - Kelly Hoppen, Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams and Metropolitan Home. This place was a bit of a gold mine on this day.

Here is the end result of all those miscellaneous items - along with a West Elm Parsons desk (craigslist find) and some retro lamps that I lusted after for a long time before finally finding on ebay.

And last but not least - a couple weeks ago Erin over at Elements of Style had a contest in which she asked readers to send in pictures of their bargain buys for their home. I sent in this armoire (which we actually use as a hutch in our dining/living area). I purchased it off ebay for $300, free shipping included. I thought this was a great price considering what you see items like this going for over at Pieces.

Mine. $300

Pieces, Inc. $3695

Pieces, Inc. $3895

I was ecstatic when I found out I was one of her five winners. Can you guess what the prize was? You got it - a Homegoods gift card. I guess that is a great (free) excuse to go back!


  1. I'm also in Chicago. Be sure to let me know where your support group meetings are...

    LOVE homegoods. Great finds!


  2. oh my gosh what amazing finds! and that lamp with the black shade that you bought? SO Perfect. I die a bit looking at it. seriously. i'm super jealous!