Monday, April 5, 2010

Hello Heartache

Friday was a bad day, a very, very, very (did i say very?) bad day.  As usual that night I was curled up on the couch with Macky (our nickname for our macbook) perusing through my google reader and all of a sudden my screen froze.  I had to turn the computer off and when I turned it back on, I got the dreaded prohibitory sign.

I knew that this could not be good, Macky would not start.  We googled this wretched sign and tried every thing we could to get our computer to start up, to no avail.  I read enough to know it was our hard drive and to know it was not good.  I went to the Apple store today and was given the bad news that my hard drive was no more - it won't even show up on their high tech stuff.  The option was there for recovery but with a price tag starting at $400 and reaching as high as $2000 it is just not an option for us right now.  The Apple man was kind enough to extend our warranty and give us a new hard drive in turn for taking my old, pathetic, pretty image, favorite things filled hard drive.

Lucky for me, a couple months ago I had transfered all of our personal pictures and most of my inspiration images I had saved over time to my external hard drive.  The real heartbreaker for me is that a lot of blogs, stores, random DIY's, and favorite posts/rooms/homes that I have saved over the last year and half I actually only saved by bookmarking them in safari, which means that by losing my hard drive I lost all of this stuff that I had saved in Safari.  It surely sounds so petty and I know there are much bigger issues people are dealing with but I am really saddened by this.  I've spent a pathetic number of hours looking around online for all these fabulous sources.  The bookmarks were all things I planned on blogging about at one point or another - so I guess I'm starting from scratch.  

So from now on each fabulous thing I come across in the wonderful world of blogs will earn its own special post in the hopes that next time my hard drive decides to stab me through the heart all my favorite little online things will be in one lovely place - here.


  1. Hey! Saw you over at Caitlin Creer and thought I'd stop by. Wonderful blog... will be following. xo Erica
    ps- come and play at my blog!

  2. ps- sorry about your mac! Hate when they betray. :(

  3. Sorry to hear about your macky. I lost a ton of pictures last year. At least they are going to replace it for you.

  4. Gosh I hate when comps die on you, so sorry about your Macky!