Monday, April 26, 2010

Hello Bedroom Inspiration

My bedroom is a place I've been stuck on for a while. For some reason I have a really hard time deciding on a look for this room. We have a lot of other work to do in our home before I concentrate on this area but this weekend I found an amazing bedroom over at Style Me Pretty. It was photographed by Gia Canali as the home where a wedding was taking place. I'm completely obsessed with the images, and I am now certain I have the inspiration and design plan I want to use for our master bedroom when the time comes.

I love all the little details in this room. What I love the most is the neutral, calming palette, with just soft touches of color. I think I'll use some soft teals and soft pinks to accent the whites and creamy colors. I really think this is absolutely perfect and will be keeping it filed away until its time to redo this room. Until then I'll just keep peaking at it occasionally.


  1. Fantastic inspiration! I always think that the bedroom really is the most important room in the house; given we sleep there every night, but sadly the one we usually do last. You're off to a great start... I'm sure it will be great. xo Erica

  2. yowser, that's a seriously cool room. love that stool with the legs!!

  3. ha, every time i see the furniture with those legs, i feel like it's going to run away. You watch, any moment now the stool will walk