Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bathroom Update

So you haven't seen anything new yet from our bathroom because, well, there is nothing new to show you. When I last left you with photos of our tile, I was pumped for our washer and dryer to be delivered now that we finally had a floor. Well they were delivered, problem being that the wrong dryer was delivered. This story is really much longer and more painful (financially) than this but it took a week to get the right dryer delivered. So it was a dead week for the room. Then the following week our tile was supposed to be delivered, and it was, but in true form for us. It was the wrong tile. We then had to take the tile back to home depot, watch them scan 100 tiles individually, and an hour later that tile was returned and the correct tile had been reordered. Add another week to our timeline. Then this past week was my sister in laws wedding, so we were too busy with things for that to deal with people in our house doing work. So we now have the right tile in, and the plan/hope is that the tile will be completed this week. I am uber excited for this.

Here is what we actually ordered.

Here is what we got.

Yep. Not even close. I love renovating. love love love it (please note sarcasm). I just need to keep thinking about the end results. Which will hopefully be here someday. Hope all your projects are coming along better than ours!


  1. LOL, I was just about to leave a comment on what you did for the wedding and poof it was gone:) And you gotta love blogspot, because I cant see some of your pictures right now.
    Thanks for stopping by, I will be back!

  2. Just hang in there, I am sure it will be fabulous when it is finished. We had all kinds of tile drama when we were building. Our master show was tiled crooked so they had to re-tile it, somebody broke a piece of granite, tile sat ungrouted for almost 3 weeks and 2 months after moving in tile fell off of the shower bench. The same people who tiled originally fixed it, but it is starting to come off again:( I think we are going to end up having a piece of granite cut for the bench instead of tile. Sorry to ramble, it will all work out.