Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello Rossini

Well I have gone and fallen head over heels in love with a fabric.  Here she is.

via here

The colors, the pattern - I'm literally obsessed.  Here are some photos of her put to work.

Last three via Full House

Last two via here

The fabric is called Rossini and it is by Jane Churchill for Cowtan & Tout.  I can no longer find it on Jane Churchill's site but I can still find it via Cowtan & Tout.  This would be the perfect fabric for our office/guest room.  Does anyone know if this is still available to order?  Do you love it as much as I?!  Where can I find it - help!


  1. This print is fabulous! I'm usually color shy unless I absolutely adore a print, and this totally works for me ~ I could see using it on accent pillows in our living room, or as a inspiration board backdrop in our office. Sorry I can't help you with sourcing, maybe ask one of the lovely interior designer bloggers out there?

  2. I love it, it looks like a party, like confetti. I would just check with someone who has a trade account.
    Amy R.

  3. I also love this fabric and have a small pillow with it. What makes it even more beautiful is that it is actually a weave, and not a print, and has a luminous quality from the threads, and a lovely texture.