Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hello Olive & Cocoa

Have you come across the online store Olive & Cocoa?  If not, prepare to pleasantly surprised.  They are an online source for gifts - and they really take the art of gift giving seriously.  

Check out their florals - they are truly stunning. No generic rose or daisy bouquets here.

Their food baskets are greatly styled.

They also have some really fun home decor items.  I adore these dogs! 
This guy is Jack. I really love him.

And how about this shaggy little friend?!

They also have some really great items for children (or for their parents with the idea that they are for the kids).
This is a tooth fairy dish - a pretty alternative to an envelope under the pillow. 

Some really adorable socks that look like little girls shoes. 

Tabletop items,
Gorgeous pink tapers. 

Individual cupcake stands. 

Some really simple, beautiful jewelry. 

My favorite thing about this company is probably how they make packaging an important part of the gift - look at how beautiful these boxes are, and they even wrap them in satin ribbon! 

Have any of you ordered anything from here? If so, what was your experience like? Any other great gift giving sources you want to share?!


  1. Thanks for introducing me! I had never heard of this company before! I actually bought those little shoe socks from a gift shop here in my city. Adorable!!!

    Stop by and enter my giveaway!

  2. Thank-you for the introduction! Looks like a fabulous spot and I do intend to order something special soon to give.
    I love creating my own gifts to give, hand knitted items, artwork, or baskets filled with fun things....but I also would love to order an occasional treat to give from O & C.

  3. What a neat site! Thanks for sharing. Love those florals and love the jewelry! Will have to pin for the hubby to see :).

  4. I have ordered several gifts from Olive & Cocoa for friends and family members and have always been VERY happy with the products, beautiful presentation and also wonderful customer service.