Friday, January 14, 2011


So yesterday was this blog's 2 year blogiversary! I wanted to be back to regular posting yesterday to celebrate but it just didn't happen. Life has been a little crazy around here between the Holidays, my husband's birthday, lots of miscellaneous parties and on top of all of that we're refinancing - which let me tell you is a huge hassle!

I figured I would celebrate Hello Lover's 2nd birthday with one of my favorite party ideas I've seen in a while. It's a Modern Christmas created by the talented people over at Sitting in a Tree and photographed by Joielala Photography.

So here is to you blog - Happy 2 years!

How perfect and fun are their color choices?! You definitely need to check out their site and take a look at their past work - they do some pretty amazing stuff!

Now on to business - sorry I was away for so long - but I promise to be back to regular posting next week - I have lots to show you from our own Christmas celebration!


  1. well that is one gorgeous bash, congrats!

  2. First of all Happy Birthday to your cool blog!

  3. Happy Blogaversary! The colors in the images just make me melt ... one of my favorite combinations (honestly ... just look at MY blog colors and you'll see what I mean!) Love the palest palest blue green and it's always gorgeous with a hit of pink! Have a wonderful, fabulous week! xo


  4. Oooh! Happy blogaversary! So glad you stopped by and totally let me know if you have any reading recommendations!