Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kohler Design Center

I got off track but here is the 2nd to last post from our Kohler trip. We spent our last day in Kohler at the Kohler Design Center. There was so much to see here - this trip was prior to us starting our bathroom renovation so it was great to see the different options that were out there. This place not only had lots of areas showcasing their products but they also had models of bathrooms and kitchens completely finished with beautiful tile and great styling details. I took a lot of photos here - enjoy.

When you first enter the building there is an area with Ann Sacks tile and Baker furniture - both of these companies were all over Kohler.

Loved this sink console - lacquer black top and mirrored legs.

A wall of toilets - literally. All sorts of shades and shapes. I think Jenny would love this!

The lower level here was a mini history lesson complete with colorful sinks, toilets and bathtubs from the 50's.

I'm not sure what this fun feather dress or the golden eggs had to do with Kohler aside from her holding that gorgeous gold fixture. But it looked pretty so I'll take it.

The upper level is filled with mini baths/kitchens full of inspirational ideas, colorways, and layouts. This kitchen was pretty stunning. The cabinets were a hunter green color and the mirrored backsplash and mirrored cabinets added that glamour that made it oh so girly.

Loved the marble countertops.

Stainless steel square mosaic floor tiles.

Moving on to the pink bathroom.

Check out the moulding and the chandelier!

More moulding and decorative mirrors.

Whats a lovely pink bathroom without a fireplace.

Loved the shape of the console although I think some hardware and maybe a venetian style mirror would have made this area of the bathroom stand out a little more.

This next bathroom was much more neutral - I loved the grasscloth wallpaper and the simple brass pendant.

Here is a close up of the floor tile.

Here is the tiled ceiling complete with another chandelier.
Hope you enjoyed the mini tour - if you are ever close to Kohler or planning a weekend getaway I really recommend this area and definitely recommend stopping by the design center - this is really only a small portion of what we saw there and it was all such a treat!


  1. oh wow! that pink tub is so gorgeous!! xoxo

  2. omg i want that pink bathroom!!!!!!!!!

  3. Was trying to search for specific pics of 'back home' to show a friend and ran across your blog. That lavender bathroom you refer to under 1950's is actually from 1928 and was in a Kohler 'show' home, which ended up being the house I grew up in. When that bath was remodeled (shame really), those fixtures were given to the Design Center. That was my tub, sink and so on, for my little girly bathroom. Thank you so much for the photo journey!

  4. Oh, and we locals refer to the wall of sinks and toilets as 'The Great Wall of China'

    Thought you might want to know...