Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello Hilton Head

Sorry blog friends - I've been MIA for a couple weeks now but I'm back. Here is the second post from my trip to Hilton Head. This is my third trip to HH in the last four years. We really love it here - we rent a house and just relax, hang out by the beach, and eat lots of good food for a week straight. I absolutely adore the homes here. We stay in Sea Pines and there are so many really great houses to check out while we are riding our bikes. I snapped some photos to share with you all.

My favorite part about this home was the dark gray shutters (I'm sorry they appear to be some weird blue green color in these photos but they were not - they were a beautiful shade of dark gray).

I also really love the way the staircase divided into two separate entrances.

Love the two level screened in porches.

This is the front of the home in the picture above. Check out the trellis pattern on the railing of that second level balcony.

More dark shutters!

The next two photos give you a view of two different sides of the largest house I saw. There were lots of cars so I couldnt creepily sneak around and take more pictures - but there was a pretty amazing outdoor kitchen here.

Same house - different side.

Once again hard to tell from my poor quality photos - but this house had very interesting grainy shingles covering the exterior. I really loved the look of it.

A couple more goodies.

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  1. weird. i literally just got off the phone with my friend who is in HH right now!! it looks beautiful... i want to go someday!!