Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hello Weekend Reads

As I mentioned on Saturday, my husband was out of town for the weekend and on top of that it was one of the rare weekends that I had nothing planned.  It was me, my dogs, and my computer - it was really great.  I also spent time taking long walks and even went on a couple of runs to enjoy as much of the beautiful weather that Chicago graced us with this past weekend.  One thing I really loved about my free time on the computer this weekend was really having time to comb through new issues of online mags.  Between the blogs I read, pinterest, and my paper magazines it's hard to squeeze in extra computer time to really read the online shelter magazines that are out there.  I am so glad I had the time this weekend because there were so many great articles, recipes, & images - here are my favorites from each.

Let's start with Sweet Paul.  The styling and food images in this one made it such a treat. 

Some amazing egg recipes


Then they set their Easter table with colorful flowers and, of course, more eggs!

Talk about beautiful styling.


And the icing on the cake, this adorable chic.
Next up, Lonny.  I shared this issues cover with you on Saturday so we will get straight to the content.
I know that by today most of you will have seen images from the magazine on other blogs and pinterest so I'll share with you the other great finds from this issue.

First off this stunning tray.

And then there is this guy, which surely costs 1 million catrillion dollars and 99 cents.

A source for a ridiculous amount of amazing finials and other beauties

I love lamp. By Bunny Williams

This treat (chocolate + pretty packaging = dreamy)

And last up, an item we all need in Chicago during our rainy spring season.


Translation - 'Shit, it's raining'
I absolutely need this.
Ok folks - now seriously this Lonny issue was huge so please check it out for yourselves - tons of homes, stores, and amazing product sources.

Moving on - House of Fifty
This issue introduced me to an amazing design firm - Artistic Designs for Living.  I've seen quite a few of their designs before but never knew the source and now thanks to Janell's mag, I do.  Here is some of their work.



I adore the scalloped bedding on that last one.

There was also a great article written by Susie Isaac about the Clarence House wallpaper 'the vase'.  Here are some images used in a bright and cheery kitchen designed by Kerri Geller Goldfarb.

Ok, that's it, my rambling and sharing of my weekend is over.  There were just so many great things!  I hope you enjoyed the little recap and that you are able to find some time for yourselves to check out these great reads.

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  1. Awesome post! I scanned through Lonny, I need to go back and give it a proper read. Loved Sweet Paul. Need to check out the latest HOF.

    Amy R.