Monday, March 19, 2012

80 in March

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  It was 80 degrees here in Chicago!  There were people outside everywhere you looked and they were all talking about the amazing weather.

These temps have me completely switched over to spring in my mind (although, I know Chicago and I'm sure we will have more cold days and possibly even snow before the seasons really change).  Spring for me is full of pretty blooms, here are some of my favorites I like to have in my home during this season.

Cherry Blossoms (and a side of Macaron never hurt anyone!)

Lovely peony blooms


Hydrangea!  I love going to our farmer's market on Saturday mornings to pick up hydrangea bouquets, a few stems of these guys go a long way.

What says spring to you?

1 comment:

  1. These warm days are exciting, aren't they?! Those hydrangeas are fantastic, I just love 'em! Excited to start following your blog! It's beautiful and I love the name;) Hope you'll stop over at ours!