Monday, September 14, 2009


Alright I have to do a design star post. Now I like Antonio, I think he seems like a cool dude, he's handy, and he designed some cool spaces this season. But I think it is completely bogus that he won. I think both Dan and Lonni's designs in the last two weeks were far better than Antonio's. I think Antonio won solely because he's very different than anyone else on HGTV, which I get, but if the winner isn't really going to be based on design then they cannot call it design star. Lonni's designs tended to remind me of Candice Olsen and Dan himself reminded me of David Bromstad, this, I believe was their downfalls.

Lets start with two weeks ago.

Lonni's Bedroom:

Antonio's Office

Dan's Nursery
I'm sorry but Antonio's room really fell short for me. He definitely had some cool elements (the clocks, the map), but overall it just didn't have that jaw dropping effect. Lonni's bedroom on the other hand I thought was absolutely beautiful. I love the patterned wall and the seating area looks extremely comfy. I would be on cloud nine if my bedroom looked like that. Dan scared me for a little bit - themes in rooms scare me. But he really pulled it off (atleast I think so), the boats hanging from the ceiling were kick *ss. So nonetheless when they sent Lonni home, I was peeved to say the least.

On to last nights episode. Dan and Antonio made over whole homes.

Antonio's Home

Dan's Home

I'll admit I was not really smitten with Dan's redo of the daughters bedroom (last picture). But I think all the other rooms in that home rocked. I really loved the counters he chose for the ktichen. Loved the mirrored doors that hide the tv over the fireplace. And I must give Antonio lots of credit for his living room. Cutting that cabinet in half and framing the fireplace with it was awesome, and the overall room is very rustic eclectic looking and I like it. But the rest of his house did not do a whole lot for me. And it would have been a very good possibly that if I walked into my bedroom and the walls were that green color there would have been tears (and not of joy). So to say the least I was very bummed when they named Antonio the winner.

Rant over. I will now get back to my daily HGTV marathon.

I should also apologize, I feel like these last two posts have been real negative nancy's. I'll stop. I swear.


  1. I really didn't think ANYONE on the show is deserving of the title design star. Lonni was probably the best but she did a lot of bad through the season too.

    Antonio and Dan seemed about an equal match to me. I just didn't think their rooms were that attractive. I preferred Dan's rooms but his pergola mishap should have lost him the game right there. Antonio's color choices are terrible but he also has a more watchable personality so I can see why they picked him.

    In any event, I won't be watching that show.

  2. ITA! Lonnie was the best out of the three. Is it just me or is this series just going down hill?