Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This is how I feel today...

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This morning started off badly. Last night was my last day at work with one of the best friends I have made there. She is moving on to bigger and better things, I am happy for her but sad I won't be seeing her as often. So when we walked out of work together this morning I was already slightly down in the dumps. I came home and slept for a little while and then left to go pick up these babies:

You would think this would make me happy. But on my way I had to pick up my husband from work (these nightstands - that I will be using as end tables) were not located in the best of areas so he agreed to go with me during his lunch. There have been numerous unsuccessful attempts at picking these up already and today was finally the big day. Well of course, my luck, that during the 4 hours I was away from the loop they managed to close down many streets that I needed to take to pick him up in prep for lollapalooza. I ended up hysterically screaming at him on the phone and in the car - the high pitched kind of screaming that I don't think even my dog could hear. I'm also pretty certain I used the phrase 'I hate my life' while crying with tears rolling down my face. Seriously, what is wrong with me. Well we got the nighstands, I returned him safely to work, and returned myself safely to my home.

When I returned home I decided it would be a great idea to return the call to the delivery company that is supposed to be delivering our dining table next week. I am so excited to finally have a table again (I'll touch on the 'again' part of that sentence in another post) and could not wait to set up the delivery. Bad idea. Apparently this particular delivery company requires that you give them a 2 DAY WINDOW for the delivery of your item. I thought this was absolutely ridiculous, we have had many items delivered since we moved and not once has anybody requested a 2 day window.
The big problem is that we are leaving for vacation next week and we are leaving on tuesday night and they are requiring we be here tuesday and wednesday because they don't know what day their driver will arrive. If we cannot tell them we will be here Tuesday and Wednesday then they will not be able to deliver the table for another two weeks. And if we tell them we will be here those two days and they don't get here until wednesday our table will go back to where it came from and we will be charged a redelivery charge. A lot of yelling ensued on my behalf after this (I really usually try to be polite to customer service people but today I could not keep my cool). After about 5 minutes of useless arguing I hung up the woman. I got absolutely nowhere and I will have to trying calling Horchow tomorrow morning. I then continued onto check some of my daily's on my google reader and found myself crying at very unnecessary things.

So maybe it is the fact that I only slept for 3 hours after 12 hours of work last night. Or maybe it is just one of those days. Either way, I'm settling in for the night with this.

And this.

(Update- I started this post two days ago, saved it and forgot to publish it. Since then my sister has kindly agreed to come over on Wednesday and wait for our table if need be. I called the delivery company back to inform them of this and this is part of our conversation:

Delivery Company Lady: "Well as I started explaining to you yesterday before you hung up on me..."

Me: Mouth open wide, "uh huh". Part of me laughing - part of me wanting to throw my phone and that woman threw my windshield.

Nonetheless we should have a dining table, finally, next week. All is good)


  1. I can't believe Horchow's delivery expects you to be home for 2 days to await their product! Thanks for sharing that - I will never order for them for just that reason alone!

    Sorry you're having a bad few days. But if you are about to go on vacation, sounds like better times are ahead!

  2. It gets better. They called me 2 days later and told me the table wouldn't be delivered until Thursday. I finally had to give in and tell them to deliver it on their next trip. We finally received the table 3 weeks later. But it's here!