Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello Dreamy Home

I love our little condo in the city and I love our life here.  We live in a great neighborhood, we have (for the most part) great neighbors, there are delicious restaurants within walking distance, a fantastic farmers market in the summer months and the shopping is abundant.  But sometimes (especially after busy weekends like this past one) I find myself dreaming of what our lives would be like if we lived some place a little quieter in our own space on our own land.  Here is what the dream consists of:

A cozy home with a green front yard

A welcoming front porch to relax on 


A back yard with grass and trees and a little hammock couldn't hurt
Greenery everywhere!

And on my wishlist is one of these dog doors.

No more walking our dogs in the cold, snow, and rain.

What type of dream home or space are you currently dreaming of?


  1. i'm in love with that 3rd house. i would probably give up my highrise apartment and skyline views for that!

  2. We just gave up a house in a small town for Chicago loft living... So, for the time being I'm in the dreamy new living space. But I reserve the right to change my mind in a year or two!