Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Gift Wrap

I absolutely love pretty gift wrap.  There is something about giving or receiving a gift that is packaged beautifully that just makes me giddy.  Each year I try to coordinate my wrapping paper and ribbons with my homes Holiday decor.  So this year of course was aqua and green and I mixed in metallics of gold & silver.  Here is a look at the wrapped packages I gifted this year.

How about you, does the wrapping process bring you joy?  Any great sources for gift wrap, embellishments, and ribbon that you'd like to share?  I can never get enough! 


  1. What lovely wrappings! I am starting to gather supplies for next year.
    I am thinking gold and white. I am also looking for white birds or to make a white felt bird ornament.
    peace and Happy 2012~

  2. I have started wrapping all gifts in craft paper, no matter the occasion, and spending more time and $$ on embellishments. Brightly colored yarn loops were big this christmas. I also love making small tissue paper pompoms in appropriate colors (blush for a baby gift, ie) for the top. I also love to work small gifts into the wrap: If it's a bridal shower and my wrapped gift is kitchen themed, perhaps I'll secure a unique cookie cutter to the top.

  3. You ended up getting the Missoni poufs! I am so happy for you.

    PS. Love the wrapping!