Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello Demo

It was insane to see how much change can happen in 1 day. Here is our current bathroom and closet (or what used to be I suppose).

I never knew I could be so excited about plumbing!

It was so exciting in the beginning to see everything get ripped apart and then to see the new form start to take shape. But it's been a few weeks now and I just want it done! It's been rough having no closet and having our entire downstairs covered in dust - no one really gave me fair warning about the extent/amount of dust! But I think the hardest part has been having no washer and dryer! I'll admit I'm very spoiled in that I have never lived anywhere that didn't have a washer and dryer - so this is rough. I just keep reminding myself it will be well worth it once it is all done (and it had better be!).


  1. Wow..seems like a lot of work to do here but am sure it will turn out well :)

  2. Wow, with before photos like this - can't wait to see what develops for your bathroom! A clean slate is always exciting.

    Karen O.

  3. Can I show this to my husband and suggest this is what we do with our house?? Not really, we have a great home but oh how exciting to tear down and start over! Lucky you!