Monday, February 22, 2010

Bathroom Redo

When we bought our home we knew one of the first major things we would have to do was gut and redo our master bathroom. As mentioned in the previous post the former owner redid the bathroom while she lived here and got rid of the shower leaving us just a tub, pedestal sink, and toilet. This definitely serves as a whole bathroom, but wasn't really useable for us in terms of showering daily, keeping things like toilet paper, toiletries, towels, etc put away. So as a quick reminder here was how our master bathroom looked (it was not pretty, not at all).

The tile was this awful pink/brown color, it actually looked a little like vomit. Very appealing.

Here is the Master Closet, and if you look in the picture above you can see it starts right outside the doorway next to the tub. Then if you exit the closet you are in our master bedroom.

So our plan with this space is to make the master bathroom larger by using some of the space from our huge master closet. I won't lie that we will miss some of our closet space, but I think the larger bathroom will be better for us both in terms of our use and hopefully resale value someday. It will be a ton of work, walls will be ripped down and moved, new walls will be built, the floors will be torn up, there will be dust everywhere and the sick part is that I cannot wait!

Here is the tile pattern we have chosen. It is the basketweave pattern with carrara marble with bardiglio marble dots. And hopefully a narrow border.

Lugarno faucet from Restoration Hardware

Inset medicine cabinet from RH.

Kent sconces from RH.

Volume control trim from Grohe
Thermostat control from Grohe (sorry for the small picture)

Here is what I think will be my favorite part of the shower - the Hansgrohe rain shower head!

Other plans include incorporating our washer/dryer into the space, a steam shower, two Kohler water tile shower heads (which I do not like the look of at all but my husband insists on), a Kohler hand shower, and a double vanity in a dark finish that we are yet to pick out yet. I wish it could be done about now, but it's certainly going to take a little bit of time and a whole lot of money! The biggest ordeal so far, atleast for me, is finding shower trim, hardware, accessories that all seem to flow together, it seems that each company has certain pieces that will go with the look I want but then other pieces in the collection we either don't like as much or for whatever reason we can't use in our space.

I'll be posting pictures of the demo very soon!

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