Thursday, December 10, 2009


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Yes those are negative signs in front of those numbers. I took our dog out for her walk this morning and when I came in my entire body literally hurt from the cold. Here is what it looks like on our block.

And this is Zoe. We love her very much. She loves the snow and has no idea how cold it is for me out there.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to spend the large majority of my day curled up on the couch with some of this.

If you have never tried Williams-Sonoma peppermint hot chocolate you are missing out. Last year I literally went to the store the day this stuff was out on the shelves to pick myself up some for winter. Top it off with one or two of their vanilla marshmallows and it is a real treat, especially on a day like this.

Hope you have something to keep you warm today!

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  1. Brrrr, that looks soo cold there. We have the same cold and lots of snow here in Alberta, I can't believe that we have soo much snow already, and it's just the start of Winter.
    I also love that hot chocolate from Williams-Sonoma makes you feel so warm inside. Zoe looks soo cute in the snow, I bet she loves playing in the snow like most dogs do. Stay warm, and have a Wonderful Holiday.