Saturday, November 28, 2009

David Stark

I had not heard of David Stark until recently when I saw his Holiday line at West Elm. I really love this line because it's a modern spin on classic Holiday decor.

After doing some googling of his name I have now developed a small crush on much of his work. He has designed many absolutely beautiful events. Here are a few.

Along with some great centerpieces

He's also done some designs out of really interesting materials. Here is one with topiaries made out of shredded paper.

Here is another event, this one with many of the designs made out of post its!
That sign - post its!

This tree - post its!

Now that I know his name and who he is, he seems to be popping up everywhere (isn't that how it always goes). He has had numerous guest posts on Apartment Therapy and recently did a guest post on design sponge with instructions on how to make these adorable snowmen.

So be on the lookout. I think we are going to be seeing a lot more of this very talented man!


  1. Oh wow, I had never heard of him either but I love it. thanks for sharing.

    I can say that the wreath above looks great from afar but looks a bit sparse and cheap once you get close up. So a little disappointing. Im sure that is not his fault though.