Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hello Shame

I am very embarrassed to admit that I live a mere mile from Jayson Home and Garden and had never been there once. That is until yesterday when my mom was visiting and I finally made the long trip over there. I must say I am obsessed. I went through the entire store all googly-eyed and would have done a second, third, and fourth round if my mom hadn't insisted it was time to call it quits. Foolish me did not bring my broken camera but I promise I will go back soon (maybe with a camera that works in hand) and bring back some photos for you. Here are some of my favorites from their website. And I'm sorry but when I say some I mean tons because I could not narrow things down.

This is the Gloria chair, I actually own one of these in green that I scored on craigslist. I may order another one though - especially since it is on sale right now.

My mom fell in love with this chair!

Love this settee. I have zero practical use for something like this, but it's beautiful and I think in gray velvet it would be stunning.

This bench is drop dead gorgeous and a whopping 9 (yes I said nine) feet long! I don't think I know anyone who has room for a piece like this but I wanted to lie down on it mid store and take a nap.

This daybed is also very large and very yummy. (Can you tell my love for everything tufted?!)

On top of their largely produced items (many of which come from Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams) they also have a flea section filled with actual antique and vintage pieces. This secretary was stunning - the picture does not do it justice. The arches with the mirrored backing really rocks and the detailing with the leather desk top were really wonderful.

Chippendale chairs anyone?

I really want some beautiful dining chairs like these upholstered in some fun pattern. I'm holding out though for some inexpensive craigslist/ebay/antique store find.

Some pretty seating
This headboard is so so elegant and just screams luxury.

The store also had lots of fun accessories.
Check out these Ikat clutches.

Vintage books with beautiful bindings

I thought these plates would make a great addition to a plate wall

These were very cool. I have no where to put them, but I'm sure plenty of people could find somewhere awesome to display these.

Lotus bowls

Some fun lighting.
I think many people don't realize that Jayson Home and Garden also really does have a garden. They have a wonderful floral section with live flowers just as pretty. They also have a huge outdoor section with trees, greenery, and plenty of beautiful planters - many of which are hugely discounted at the moment.

And really, the flowers in the store were this lovely.

As an added bonus all of their upholstery items are 20% off right now.

I wish I could bring you all back with me on my next visit. It's really that great.


  1. Oh I love all your finds, I wish there was a store near by me, I would love to see this all in person! The newest issue of Country Living has the buyer from Jayson Home's house in it, it's really a beauty!

  2. Yes, check craigslist for the chairs, at least dining ones. There is a whole assortment of real " beauties" out there, but it's worth it.
    My friend finally found just the right ones for me. It was the longest craigslist search ( a couple of months), but totally worth it.