Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello Jeffers Design Group

Can you imagine if this was your office?

Check out the Hick's La Fiorentina fabric lining the back of those bold orange draperies.

I can't even imagine how inspiring it must be to walk into work spaces like these every day. Each of these images is from today's post on Apartment Therapy San Francisco. After checking out this post, I headed over to the design groups website. There are so many inspiring images, it was hard not to share them all.

I know I have seen this image elsewhere but never knew the designer.

Some more lovelies.

Love the lighting and that credenza.

Those windows are gorgeous.

Who wouldn't want a closet like this.

Check out the painted ceiling.

Love the colors in this space, love the lighting, love the rug!

All images via Jeffers Design Group

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