Monday, July 27, 2009

How did I miss this?!

Alright, so lately I have been very swamped (work, family, friends, weddings, life, etc.). I've been slacking (clearly on my own blog) but also on keeping up with some of my favorites. I haven't felt very well over the past couple days but today I was atleast feeling well enough to pick up the computer and try to catch up. That is when I found this and this over at Pink Wallpaper.

The author came up with - what I believe to be a brilliant idea - 'Featured Fabric'. Each week she will post a fabric that you can buy from her at a discounted price. I will surely be checking back weekly and am so sad I missed the first two installments. I will not let it happen again.

I need fabric for numerous things which I don't really own yet but hope to someday. We need a tufted ottoman for our living room, some footstools for our entryway, a chair for our office/guest room, drapes for our living room, and something to reupholster my favorite living room chair with.

I have been eyeing KWID's imperial trellis for some time for at least one of these projects. I would have to go with the java and cream combo. But here are some of my favorite images in other shades:

(first two images, Summer Thornton's home via Apartment Therapy)

(Brown Design)

(Brown Design)

(Style Court)


But I must say I loved the Windsor Smith fabrics posted on Pink Wallpaper as part of her feature. I especially loved this one:

There is just something about Gray and Brown that gets me every time!

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  1. I love every single piece in this post! The rounded built in is genius - puts a nice modern touch on what is normally a traditional design concept! Great blog - I am going to start following!