Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daybed Envy

I have been on the hunt for the perfect daybed for our 2nd bedroom/office for months now.  There are some options I've been debating, like this one from west elm in white, or this onefrom ballard designs.  Both of these are good options but they come no where close to the awesomeness or beauty of these:

Palmer Weiss

Amanda Nisbet

Eileen Kathryn Boyd
Mary McDonald



We did purchase a daybed for our living room that I love. Unfortunately I just don't think it will be big enough for us to use as a guest bed in our second bedroom.  I will post pictures when it is finally in our home and hopefully some readers can help me decide where to put it.


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  2. Amazing design!! Check out the wide range of Daybeds from

  3. Found your blog searching for marble in bathrooms -- love yours! I actually made a bed from IKEA into an upholstered daybed for my son. Figured... it's IKEA, I can't hurt it. It looks decent if you don't look too closely at it. :) Anyway, I like your blog. Can't wait to see the finished bathroom! (I'm in Chicago too, btw and am amazed by your finds at Homegoods. I feel like I never have any luck there.)

    1. Do you have pictures of your IKEA daybed project online somewhere? I'm thinking of doing a project of this type and could use some inspiration/instructions that could help me out. :-)

  4. Those daybeds look amazing. Check out fabric sofas.

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  6. The daybed shown here is beautiful. Have a look at it