Friday, October 28, 2011

A few of my Favorite Things

Two things I love:

1. Wood Floors
2. Basketweave Pattern

We have wood floors throughout the majority of our condo and last year we installed a basketweave mosaic tile on our bathroom floor. Of all the photos of beautiful rooms I've exposed myself to over the last few years I was yet to encounter this:

Yes folks, that is a wood floor laid in a basketweave pattern. The best of both worlds.  I could really stare at these floors all day.

Found via my real estate stalking. Small price tag of 4 mil. 


  1. That floor is incredible... it makes my mind spin!

  2. Really cool floor. I am a wood floor kinda girl myself. Happy weekend!

  3. So clean and fresh looks the floor.....It make my mind so fresh!!!!Incredible work i appreciated your cooling work!!!!
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  4. This article is very helpful! I never rinse my floors after washing them. Now I now that I really should be! I'l get to mopping lickety split:)
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