Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello Christmas Cards

Yes - it's February and I am finally posting photos of our Christmas cards from this year (ahem - last year now). I used these gift tag templates from Eat Drink Chic. I cut off the top portion to make them look more like cards instead of gift tags. I then added ribbon, some glitter, and wrote messages on the backsides.

OK, I'm really done with the Christmas related posts now. I promise. Although I could probably look at burlap year round.


  1. Oh how wonderful! They are almost too cool to be Christmas cards. This is giving me ideas for next year's card. No more cheesy family photos for me... You did a fabulous job.


  2. Love these! I think we got 3 real cards, the rest were pictures that people are calling cards.

  3. The most popular cards are the old fashioned and nostalgic ones with sledges and pixies, and a big, chubby Santa Clause in a red and white coat.