Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Obsession Continues

So my organization obsession is still going. Strong. Although you wouldn't be able to tell by the looks of my house.

Last winter/early spring we installed an elfa system in our master bedroom's closet. One of the ideas I loved was this top shelf where you could neatly line up your purses. Lies. I have this top shelf and instead of all of my purses neatly lined up, standing in a row they just fall all over each other and have ended up in a messy heap on the top shelf.

Enter Mary Mc Donald via Lonny. These handbag hooks are the perfect solution! Look how neat they look. I figure I can either pick up a few of those 3M sticky hooks or find some great vintage or anthropologie finds.

And on a completely unrelated note - did everyone watch Gossip Girl last night? I definitely did not see the whole Colin and Juliet connection coming, and I'm usually all over those kinds of things.


  1. You kind of read a bit about my thoughts but I didn't see it coming either which is fishy. I hate when writers start pulling stuff from nowhere. I mean, who is Juliet's brother anyway?

  2. I might go for the 3M hooks if they will be in a space no one will see... save the nice anthro ones for a more visible spot :)

    I love the way those bags are organized in the photo from Lonny but I am such a shorty that the space up there would have to be assigned to my husband!

  3. I really like your blog! I am going to link you on mine and will for sure be back!