Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello J. Crew

Would it be wrong if my wardrobe consisted only of J. Crew tees? Could you really blame me with tees like these?

I'll take one of each in every color please! Oh, and I'd wear pants, they would just be totally irrelevant with pretty tees like these on top.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello Jeffers Design Group

Can you imagine if this was your office?

Check out the Hick's La Fiorentina fabric lining the back of those bold orange draperies.

I can't even imagine how inspiring it must be to walk into work spaces like these every day. Each of these images is from today's post on Apartment Therapy San Francisco. After checking out this post, I headed over to the design groups website. There are so many inspiring images, it was hard not to share them all.

I know I have seen this image elsewhere but never knew the designer.

Some more lovelies.

Love the lighting and that credenza.

Those windows are gorgeous.

Who wouldn't want a closet like this.

Check out the painted ceiling.

Love the colors in this space, love the lighting, love the rug!

All images via Jeffers Design Group

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two Fabulous Finds

1. I'm not sure how, but I had never heard of the Bright Side Project until today. Here is the sites mission:

"The Bright Side Project is here to bring you sunshine every day with themed, daily giveaways. We hope to inspire you to stop for a second and remember life is (still) beautiful and there is goodness in the world."

And if that isn't great enough, they have dedicated the month of October as Home Sweet Home month. Meaning that each daily giveaway is something special for the home. Today's giveaway is design advice from the talented Bryn Alexandra. I have been a follower of her blog for some time now and love what I've seen from the beginning of her interior design services. I would definitely recommend checking out both of these if you haven't already!

Shannon from Pink Wallpaper (another blog full of lovely, inspirational photos) has started a second blog. I am in love! She is apparently cleaning out her attic (hence the name) and selling off loads of wonderful fabrics and home accessories. She even includes photos on how they've been used in other homes. I keep missing the ones I would definitely purchase by what I swear must be minutes. But I would definitely check it out for some fabulous finds. Here are some of my favorites.

Schumacher's High Voltage in Smoke
KWID's Giraffe Linen
Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis in midnight/parchment
Hippy Bead by David Hicks
Hickory Chair Three Drawer Chest

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One Year and One Day

Happy one year and one day anniversary to my wonderful husband! I would have loved to do a post on our actual 1 year anniversary but we went away for the weekend to celebrate and just returned last night. (The truth is I probably could have done one last night but we had a date with our sofa to watch our DVR'd TV shows).

It truly is amazing - and a little scary - how fast this year has gone by. It has been filled with lots of big moments - purchasing our first home, picking out our puppy, and many little ones - eating our meals on storage containers before we had furniture, and sleeping in our living room for weeks while our downstairs bedroom was ripped apart. We are so lucky to have each other, and our friends and family, and so lucky to live the lives we do together. Here are some of my favorite photos from our wedding day.

My husband and I met before our ceremony to take some pictures around the city, including Union Station.

The Ceremony at the Church

The Reception and its details

All photos by Matt Schademann