Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello Lover...

I love everything about this one. The couch. The pattern. The color. I even the wall.
Although this table would not be my first choice - I absolutely love the chairs.
I'm thinking this would be perfect in our guest bathroom, the same place I'm planning on putting our claw foot tub.  I think they would be a perfect pair.

I'll be quiet and let you enjoy the rest.  

All of these above images are courtesy of Horchow.  I have a Love-hate relationship with this store.  I visit their site frequently and fall in love over and over again with pieces like what you see above.  The hate part comes in right after I have finished my swooning and get a look at the price tag.  Maybe once we are a little more settled I can make some purchases like a mirror or a small piece of furniture.  But for some of their items (decorative pillows that cost literally hundreds of dollars) I don't think I'll ever be buying.