Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lou Lou Ghost Chair Giveaway!

When I saw this giveaway over at Mrs. Limestone's blog I had to do a post on it to increase my chances of winning this itty bitty ghost chair! I don't have an itty bitty one of my own (not yet at least). But it will be an awesome piece to have in advance for my future little one's dream nursery. Here are some great images of the Lou Lou Ghost Chair in action.

(Images from pointclickhome, projectnursery, and moderndesignblog)

Then there is this image which I absolutely love from Terri Smith Photo.

This photo is reason enough to need this chair!

Monday, July 27, 2009

How did I miss this?!

Alright, so lately I have been very swamped (work, family, friends, weddings, life, etc.). I've been slacking (clearly on my own blog) but also on keeping up with some of my favorites. I haven't felt very well over the past couple days but today I was atleast feeling well enough to pick up the computer and try to catch up. That is when I found this and this over at Pink Wallpaper.

The author came up with - what I believe to be a brilliant idea - 'Featured Fabric'. Each week she will post a fabric that you can buy from her at a discounted price. I will surely be checking back weekly and am so sad I missed the first two installments. I will not let it happen again.

I need fabric for numerous things which I don't really own yet but hope to someday. We need a tufted ottoman for our living room, some footstools for our entryway, a chair for our office/guest room, drapes for our living room, and something to reupholster my favorite living room chair with.

I have been eyeing KWID's imperial trellis for some time for at least one of these projects. I would have to go with the java and cream combo. But here are some of my favorite images in other shades:

(first two images, Summer Thornton's home via Apartment Therapy)

(Brown Design)

(Brown Design)

(Style Court)


But I must say I loved the Windsor Smith fabrics posted on Pink Wallpaper as part of her feature. I especially loved this one:

There is just something about Gray and Brown that gets me every time!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello Mrs. Limestone

Brooklyn Limestone is the blog that really introduced me to the whole wide world of interior design/renovation blogs. Mrs. Limestone has extremely wonderful taste and it is so fun to tune in everyday to see what project in what room she is working on. As much as I love the things she does in her home I think my favorite posts of hers are the ones that include the invites she designs/makes. Today's post was no exception. Take a look at these.

I'm pretty certain that this is an invitation my husband would get just as excited as me about.

Here is some more of her work from older posts:

I think the last ones are my favorites.

Here is the website for her design stuff:
Just awesome.